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Fazenda Café & Bakery

Sandwiches (Gluten free oatmeal bread available):

The Classic Brioche 4.50

Egg & cheddar on our own brioche

Add ham; bacon; or sausage + 1.00

Add veggie sausage + 1.00

Egg White Wrap 6.00

Tapenade, feta, tomatoes, greens in a

Whole wheat wrap

The Tower Street6.00

Egg, veggie sausage, avocado, tomato

The Woodlawn 4.50

Bacon, cream cheese, fig spread on a bagel

Smoked Salmon On A Bagel 7.50

Cream cheese, capers, red onions, greens

Smoked Chicken 8.50

Cheddar, bacon, tomato, chipotle, greens

Turkey & Avocado 8.50

Pickled green tomato, bacon, cheddar, greens

Kimchee Grilled Cheese 7:00

Fontina, in-café made kimchee,herbs

Brie & Pear7.50

Our own pear butter, grilled onions

Add turkey + 1.50

Local ham 8.00

Swiss, garlic mustard, butter

Tuna Salad 7.50

Swiss, tomato, potato sticks

Centre Street 8.00 V

Cauliflower, home-made hummus, sweet

potatoes, pickles

Hummus & Feta 8.00 V

Pickled shallots, greens

All-Day Breakfast:

Granola Parfait 3.75

Sidehill Farms low-fat yoghurt,

Homemade granola

Bagel 2.00

Plain, wheat, or everything

Add cream cheese + 1.50

Frittata of the Day 4.00

Baker’s choice

Savory & Sweet Baked Goods:

You may have noticed the aroma of fresh baking? That’s because, we make our own sourdough bread,

brioche, and all our baked goods, except bagels, in-café.

Onion Pudding 3.00

Aged balsamic

Chia Pudding 4.00

Chocolate or strawberry

Coffee Cake 3.00

Local Fruit Tart 4.00

Bread Pudding 4.00

Brownie Cheesecake 3.7

Scones of the Day 3.00

Including blueberry lemon; strawberry white

Chocolate; bacon & green onion

Muffins of the Day 3.00

Coconut macaroon 1.60 GF

Lemon Poppy Shortbread 0.80

Peanut Butter Cookie 2.75 GF

Tcho Chocolate Chip 2.75

Scratch Doughnuts:

Made fresh daily 3.00/3.50

Order 6 15.00*

Order 12 29.00*

Order more Call for price*

*24 hours notice

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We offer Catering