Baccarat Side Bets


Baccarat is a game of chance that has long been popular in Asia. Its popularity in the West has waned in recent times, but the game still enjoys a loyal following in casinos across Europe and in Macau. Baccarat is played on a large table with from seven to 14 seats for players and a dealer area. The game is dealt from a shoe of six or eight cards. The objective is for the player to guess correctly which hand will win on a given round: Bank, Player or Tie. In a typical game, two cards are dealt to each hand, though sometimes a third card is drawn. The hand whose total is closest to nine wins. The game is scored using a scoring system that takes into account the value of the cards as well as their number. Picture cards (aces, tens, and nines) are worth zero points; cards numbered 2-9 are worth their face value; and jacks, queens and kings are worth their actual values of 10, 12, or 16 points.

Unlike many other casino card games, the Banker’s and Player’s hands in baccarat are kept secret after the deal. A fixed set of rules governs how the banker and player should draw their third cards, but they do not know what their opponent is holding until the decisions are made. Traditionally, the cards were only revealed when the Player and Banker had both made their decision, but in recent times, most casinos have allowed players to handle the cards so that the original hands can be exposed before all draw decisions are made.

In addition to the Banker and Player bets, many baccarat tables offer side bets that pay out based on specific outcomes of the game. These bets range from simple tracking sheets to complex grids that record frequency of winning and losing bets for both players and dealers. Some players argue that these betting trackers are essential to baccarat strategies, while others think that they add an unnecessary complexity to the game.

Most online baccarat sites offer a variety of side bets, although not all of them are available in every casino. Some of the most common side bets include Super Six and Pair Bets. A Super Six bet pays out 12 to 1 if the Banker Hand wins with six points. Similarly, a Pair bet pays out 9 to 1 for a winning bet on either the Banker or Player hand.

A 1-3-2-6 baccarat strategy is a basic, low-risk wagering system that helps players stretch their bankroll. In this strategy, the player bets in increments of two units from a larger pool. If they lose a bet, they return to the beginning. This helps them avoid making big bets on losing streaks and reduces the amount of money they can potentially lose.

Statistically, backing the banker is the best baccarat strategy. This is because a 5% commission is paid on winning Banker bets in most casinos, and it’s customary for players to keep this in mind when betting.