A Review of the Movie Black Jack

Black Jack

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Black Jack has a patient with a rare Teratoma–a cystic tumor that grows inside the other twin. Despite the doctors’ pleas to not operate on her, BJ decides to do so and succeeds. However, he is horrified when the woman tries to thank him with a large sum of money. He refuses to accept it, telling her he won’t take even the size of a bowl of ramen.

During his search for Sharaku, Black Jack comes across an old lady living in a rundown summer house that she owns. She befriends Pinoko, an orphaned girl he met before. Her father kicked her out of his hospital room to give it to another patient so he could marry a rich woman. During heavy rains she is trapped in her home by a mudslide and Black Jack saves her. They begin to care for one another and become close friends.

BJ and Pinoko travel to Yashaga mountain, where they encounter an ancient battle between the samurai Saburo Taneda and his enemies. In the temple, Black Jack discovers Princess Ikehata who ate Gamakazura fruit which has poisonous properties. She has a fever and is unconscious but tells BJ she is still alive.

In England, BJ is approached by Dr. Stein who wants him to analyse a man in a coma for information about eternal youth. He agrees, despite knowing the man will die soon. The patient regains consciousness but begins to age rapidly. He then dies after a few days.

After a short stay in S-city, Black Jack returns to the country to assist Dr. Kowa in a thyroid operation. During his journey, he meets Niko and Al who are orphans of floods. The twins live with a single mother who cares for them but they both say they love Black Jack more than each other.

When BJ and Pinoko visit a hospital that is owned by Dr. White, they are offered a ride on the Sky Hospital–an airborne clinic. The plane is converted from a military aircraft. However, during the flight a group of terrorists hijack the plane to turn it back into a fighter jet for their homeland in Taranistan. Despite the danger, the passengers and crew manage to retake control of the plane.