The Mysterious Doctor Black Jack

Black Jack

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Black Jack () is a Japanese manga series by Osamu Tezuka, first published in Weekly Shonen Champion on November 19, 1973. The character has inspired other manga artists, including Shuho Sato in his Say Hello to Black Jack and Akihito Yoshitomi in his horror manga Ray.

Despite his callous exterior, Black Jack is a loving father who takes great joy in making people laugh. He has a complex personal code, though; although he cures everyone from common people to presidents and yakuza leaders, he always establishes their willingness to pay before performing surgery. He will even lower his fee for those who beg him to, but only if he can discover their redeeming story beforehand.

While on vacation, Black Jack encounters Leslie Harris, a young boy who is suffering from bullet wounds that seem to appear and disappear. They travel to the Republic of El Garnia, a country that had been in war for 25 years and was just now coming out of a civil war. The villagers tell of a mysterious doctor named Black Jack who could save the boy, but he is not allowed to operate on him.

In his quest to save the boy, Black Jack comes across a young woman, Ajun, who has a spinal cord injury and cannot move her arms or legs. The villagers believe that the doctors curse brought this upon them, but Black Jack discovers that the injury was actually caused by an accident during a military operation, and he is able to successfully restore her movement. However, he is soon killed by a General who believes that he was the cause of the accident.

After meeting Sharaku and Pinoco, Black Jack and his sister visit Mt. Senin where they find mescaline growing in a small spiny cactus. They are interrupted by syndicate operatives who abduct the girls. Black Jack tries to rescue them, but is killed in the process. He later finds out that the girls were addicted to the drug and that they were trying to harvest mescaline. He leaves Mt. Senin with the plants ablaze and the cactus a ticking time bomb, but the operatives are not around to set it off.