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Valentines Day Aphrodisiac Pop-Up!

We thought it would be fitting to feature aphrodisiacs on our menu! The more we talked about the idea, the more excited we got. It began by researching ALL the ingredients that exist with these elusive aphrodisiac attributes! Turns out there are so many weren’t at all aware of.

Everyone know’s that oysters definitely fit this category, and if there is anyone out there that refuses to even try them, we, as chefs, highly suggest you bite the bullet! And I’m not talking try one, oysters are an amazing acquired taste, that only get better and better as you take your experiences and memories of oysters from half-shell to half-shell. It is a journey that never ends, each oyster slightly different than the last! Can you tell we love oysters!!
Another obvious aphrodisiac are strawberries!

And when we think about strawberries, romance, St. Valentine, chocolate always comes to mind. As a pastry chef and lover of sweets, chocolate is my absolute favorite ingredient. I is versatile in both savory and pastry, and can be turned into the most magical experience you’ve ever had! Can you tell I also love chocolate? That’ll keep happening.
But the interesting thing we discovered was asparagus! Who thought that was an aphrodisiac? Can you think of the last time you got excited over asparagus?

Luckily avocados are also aphrodisiacs, and even though we don’t like giving away the menu before the night of the pop-up, our asparagus and avocado “tar tar” is one of our signature dishes, and there’s no way we’re not putting that on the menu!

For those of you who are intrigued by this menu concept, we are having our Aphrodisiac Pop-Up in the Boston’s beautiful South End at The Haley House on Friday February 15th. We are fully booked for Valentines Day the 14th, but have a growing waiting list forming, if you’re interested please give us a call at 617-756-7571, or send us an email to

See you soon!


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